• Tyla McDuff


I remember your hair.

Reds disguised as yellows,

falling down below your elbows.

Tickling your skin like sand between your toes.

Feather-dusters on a bookshelf.

I remember your laugh.

Rays of orange light,

spilling from your lungs.

Dragging like a sled on a snow covered hill.

An eager pitbull at the end of leash.

I remember your smile.

Soft pinks of a flamingo,

puffing up your cheeks.

Tempting me like chocolate on a diet.

Mattresses instead of desk chairs.

I remember us.

Dizzying fluxes of green and blue

with an abyss of black.

Pulling us under like the tide in a storm,

The encouragement of a friend.


©2020 by Tyla McDuff